Emma L. Minnis Junior Academy

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FEE     Pre-K
SDA Non-Constituent Pre-K
Tuition per month  $325 $300 $350 $325 $375 $350
Registration  $475 $475 $475  $475  $475  $475
Late Registration  $25 $25 $25 $25 $25 $25
New Application Fee  $40 $40 $40 $40 $40 $40


Other Fees
8th Grade Graduation $ 60.00
Kindergarten Graduation $30.00
6th Grade Enviromental School $ 160.00
Return Check Fee $ 35.00
Before and After Care $10.00 Per day
Prek & Kindergarten Notebook fee $10.00

FACTS Management

One of our primary goals this year at Emma L. Minnis is to concentrate our efforts on improving the business side of our school. Technology advancements in the private school industry will enable us to be more efficient in our tuition processing which will help to streamline overall business operations. At the same time, we can provide more flexibility and convenient payment options for our families.

Emma L. Minnis Jr. Academy has contracted with FACTS Management Company to electronically process our monthly tuition payments. FACTS serves over 3,500 schools nationwide and is the industry leader in automatic payment processing for private schools.

You will realize these benefits by using FACTS for your monthly payment:
(Please contact school office before completeing FACTS registration)

  1. You may choose the 5th or 20th of each month for your payment to be processed. The 20th is most popular to enable families to budget around other financial commitments due early in the month.
  2. Enroll conveniently on-line!Click here and enroll with FACTS using
  3. Convenience & Security: You won’t need to mail a check each month or be concerned about your payment arriving via mail or student drop-off.
  4. Peace of Mind Insurance: FACTS offers this benefit for only $12 per year per family. In the event of death of the responsible party or spouse.
  5. My FACTS Account: You may check your account on-line from the convenience of your home or office. 

One of the universal challenges in private education is achieving a balance between our educational mission and financial stability.  It is precisely for this reason we are enlisting the help of the FACTS Management Company.  With FACTS, the school maintains decision-making control.  We will continue to be able to adjust to any special circumstances that may arise.  At the same time, the improved tuition distribution income picture brought about by the new program will enable us to give increased time and attention to our educational goals.

We thank you for your continued loyalty and support for Emma L. Minnis Jr. Academy.  We depend on your support in our efforts to provide the highest quality of education.  Please continue to pray for us that we remain faithful to our mission.

Payment Plans

Option #1: Pre-pay annual tuition and fees at time of registration.  A 10% tuition discount will be assessed if you choose this plan.  A 5% tuition discount is given to those who pay their semester tuition at the time of registration for the first semester, and on or before January 10 of the the second semester.  Payments may be made by check or money order.

Option #2:  Monthly Payments through FACTS.  Parents elect to pay tuition on either the 5th or 20th of each month through the FACTS Payment plan. The FACTS annual enrollment fee is $41.00 per famiy. A $41.00 credit will be added to you first months tuition to cover this cost. First payment month is September 2010. Parents enrolling in the FACT program this school year will recieve a $41.00 credit added to you first months tuition to cover this cost. First payment month is September 2010.

Contact us for more information on FACTS.
Click the e-Cashier link to to begin FACTS registration    

Registration Fee

The registration fee and first months tuition will not be included in the FACTS payment plan and must be paid by check, money order or cash at the time of registration.

Late Registration begins August 4, 2011.


Sibling Discount - 10% second child, 20% third child, 30% fourth child

Returning students, refer a NEW student for $50 off your last month's tuition! When the referred student applies, they must state that they were referred by you. Additionally, you must inform us that you referred a student in order collect discount.  Referred student must remain enrolled for the entire or remaining 2010-2011 school year.